15 april 2005


Bits and pieces about Iraq:

- part 25 of "Good news from Iraq" from Arthur Chrenkoff;

- some more good news on the military and political front from Bill Roggio on The Fourth Rail: the most noticeable bit is about the insurgency-friendly Muslim Scholars Association's fatwa condemning all forms of terrorism in Iraq (besides the obligatory sniff at the coalition forces, that is);

- meanwhile, on the domestic front, Victor David Hanson describes the litany of past failure from the not-so-wise experts;

- and finally, while the flemish newspaper De Standaard gives a forum to "five men and a horsehead", the leading walloon newspaper Le Soir is cozying up with the Sadrists.

Update 20/04/05: herinnert u zich nog die massale betoging op 9 april van de "Sadristen" "tegen de Amerikaanse bezetting". Naar het schijnt moet dat echter enigszins genuanceerd worden.
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 9:47 p.m.


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