09 april 2005


Let's listen to the people on the ground

Never mind the biased media or the anti-war protestors, who are miles away from where it all happens. Let's listen to what the people on the ground have to say,

ordinary Iraqis...

"Guardian" asks a difficult question (hat tip: Chrenkoff)

And at the end of all this:
"Which brings us to a difficult question. Is Iraq better now than under Saddam?"

Lafta's reply:

Now, it wasn't all that difficult, was it?

... and coalition troops

Soldiers face real 'die-in' daily in Iraq (hat tip: once more Chrenkoff).

Update 10/04/05: some more thank yous for the liberators.

Update 11/04/05: are the Iraqis grateful? YES!
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 3:12 p.m.


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