09 april 2005


More reflections about the late pope

Yesterday's funeral of John-Paul II was an overwhelming ceremony, attended by more than 200 heads of state or governments, including rivals like George W. Bush and Khatami/Assad or Tony Blair and Robert Mugabe and more than a million mourners coming from all around the world, many of them from Poland, the late pope's native country and viewed by bilions, not only catholics, but also jews or muslims, in their own countries.

Here are some more reflections about John-Paul II's big contributions to this world:

Already mentioned here before: the advance of freedom in general and the end of communism in particular:

"Paus Johannes-Paulus en de vrijheid"

"When John Paul II went to Poland, communism didn't have a prayer."

Less obvious, the rapprochement between catholics and jews, which can be partly understood by the personal experience of Karol Woytila with World War II and the Holocaust:

"The pope who turned anti-semitism aside"

"A personal glimpse of the pope's belief in life"

Meanwhile, Europe seems to be out of touch with the rest of the world:

"De paus der heimwee"

"Karol Wojtyla & Radically Secular Europe"
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