04 mei 2005


Fair and balanced

Today, Stijn Tormans, journalist of the flemish weekly Knack, in a story about the famous television series "The Simpsons" took a snipe at FOX-tv, calling it a "republican and conservative bulwark".

Well, that's a bit odd, as "The Simpsons", which is not particularly known as an icon of the republican and conservative movement, is shown on... FOX-tv.

So what is FOX-tv really about then? I think Brian Anderson says it right:

"I don't share the view that it is a wing of the Republican Party, as liberals are always charging. Every time I turn it on, there are liberals galore yammering away."


"The success of Fox," he notes, "is not the result of Fox being right-wing. It's because they did such a good job of reaching out to the right-wing TV audience."

And that is exactly the problem I have with the flemish MSM: they don't do a good job reaching out to the right-wing TV audience. And that's why we need something like FOX-tv, fair and balanced.
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 11:36 p.m.


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