04 mei 2005


A vote for Tony!

The Brits will go to the polls tomorrow. It looks like Labour and Tony Blair are bound to win.

Three issues dominated the campaign: health care, immigration and of course Iraq. If you permit me, I leave the two domestic issues aside - as they are domestic issues - and focus on the third issue, the Iraq war.

Tony Blair sided with George W. Bush to liberate Iraq, committed more than 40.000 British troops to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today, about 10.000 troops are stationed in the south of Iraq to accompany the Iraqi people on its path to security and democracy.

The courage and steadfastness of prime minister Blair cannot be admired enough. Despite fierce criticism from within his party, from part of the opposition and large chunks of the MSM, Blair has continued to defend his decision to go to war as being the right thing.

For this, he deserves a third term. So let us all vote for Tony!
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 11:09 p.m.


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