06 juli 2005


Well, whadda you know!

Aussie blogger
Arthur Chrenkoff has the fine habit to come up with surprising stories that defy common wisdom. Today was an excellent example of that:

- Five major European powers have established a joint-venture to ship illegal immigrants back home by airplane; it reminds me of the then despised proposal by the then Vlaams Blok to repatriate them by C130.

- The EU de facto agrees with Bush: environmentalism can wreck the economy and destroy jobs.

- We'd rather live under Israeli "occupation" than have our own independent Palestinian state!

Further, things continue to go Blair's and not Chirac's way. After Chirac lost his EU referendum, allowing Blair to dump his own, the 2012 Olympics will be held, not in Paris, but in London!

Finally, as previously announced here, the 4th of July was a day of shame in Berlin.
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 10:54 p.m.


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