05 september 2005


Donate to the Katrina relief efforts

I hope my good friend Michael from
Downeastblog won't hold it against me for being a bit lazy by copying and slightly editing his post. Time for blogging is scarce these days, but the cause of those affected by Katrina justifies a half hour of otherwise much needed sleep:

The Truth Laid Bear has a great initiative to raise bucks for the relief effort. Another illustration of the power of blogs. You are a Blog Aficionado, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. So please DONATE!!!

I don't know that much about American charities. So, like I said, take your pick over here. Still not sure what organization to donate to, may I recommend then The American Red Cross? After LGF's Charles Johnson's endorsement, I made a donation, apparently Michael has also done that. Wanna know where the Blogs' efforts stand? Check out Glenn Reynold's roundup.

TTLB also tells to also include the Technorati Flood Aid Tag, so here it is: . Ditto for the Hurricane Katrina tag: . One last thing: when you have wired your contribution, please don't be shy to register it here. Just do it!
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