27 november 2005


Hello? Anybody there?

Do you remember
Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey (KIA in Iraq, RIP) and icon of the 'Bush-lied-people-died'-movement? She is back in Crawford, Texas, camping near president Bush's ranch.

Flanders' public television station 'Eén' (One) did an item on her at the 1pm news giving her a platform to express her known views. Oh yes, at the end of the item the reporter, for the sake of fair-and-balanced reporting, you know, said there was a counter-demonstration, but nothing more than that. But I wonder against whom those counter-demonstrators were protesting? I think they spent an awful lot of time to find them in the first place (hat tip: LGF).

'Eén' should explain to the Flemish taxpayer on what basis they decided to include an item about a woman who apparently represents hardly anybody, except perhaps their own biased opinion?
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 10:20 p.m.


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