29 december 2005


A few quotes and a quiz

- Two quotes from Le Soir of 28 December (interview of Thierry Wolton by William Bourton) (hat tip:
Politiek.net) on

Islam versus communism

Pour moi, la religion est une idéologie comme une autre. Dire que l'islam est innocent de ce qui se passe, de la déviation islamiste, est aussi stupide que dire que le communisme a été dévoyé par Lénine, Staline ou Mao, et que l'idéologie était pure. Dans l'idéologie communiste, il y a le totalitarisme, la dictature du prolétariat, la terreur. Les gens qui ont appliqué cette théorie n'ont fait qu'utiliser les outils fournis par l'idéologie. C'est exactement la même chose avec l'islam.
Knowing the enemy

Je pars du principe qu'il faut savoir écouter l'adversaire. Dans Mein Kampf, Hitler a annoncé ce qu'il allait faire... Aujourd'hui, l'adversaire dit qu'il veut « reconquérir l'Andalousie » - ce qui est évidemment une image, qui représente l'islam triomphant et dominant. Je crois qu'il est stupide de ne pas les entendre quand ils disent qu'ils veulent reconquérir le monde.
- EU and UN recommend
dhimmitude from Denmark

The life of Mohammed B., the killer of Theo Van Gogh.

Little quiz: which was his favourite television station?

A. Al Jazeera
B. Dutch public television
C. Flemish public television
D. Fox News

Answer: C.

- The
MSM’s terminology on issues of race

For those six people who haven't yet decoded the MSM's terminology on issues of race, let me clear it up for you. In MSM-Speak "youths" means any young person of an ethnic minority. For example, the Middle Eastern and African Muslims who recently rioted in Paris were "youths." And the Lebanese gangs who rampaged through Sydney were also "youths."

However, the white surfers who started bashing Lebanese and Lebanese-appearing people in Sydney were "White youths," who may have been under the influence of "supremacists." (Surprisingly, just plain "youths" are never motivated by leaders or organizations that condone or urge the elimination of the inferior infidel. It's a fact. Look it up.)
- finally, last but not least, some quotes from Mark Steyn:

[Schwarzenegger] usefully offered a good basic template for US-EU relations that recognizes the basic differences between the two: Americans have responsibilities, Europeans have attitudes. Indeed, the EU has attitudes in inverse proportion to its ability to act on them.

Under the western rap tracks and drug habits and fashions, the
core identity of these young men is Muslim.
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