22 december 2005


Thursday reading

Some things I want to share:

- Everything I thought I knew [about Iraq and how American troops operated] was wrong. (hat tip: ThreatsWatch)

- Now, less than three days after the New York Times splashed its front page with scandal, it appears to all observers that are willing to engage in debate, left and right, that the issue is more complex than it first appeared and that the President has a more-than-plausible argument. (New Sisyphus on the eavesdropping "scandal")

And last, but certainly not least:

- Considering victory conditions in the wider war and the importance of ideology (hat tip: American future)

Just a few more examples of how the blogosphere is challenging the mainstream media and making an essential contribution to a healthy debate.

Update: now here is an interesting quote:

We often talk about how our policies are radicalizing young men in the Middle East to become our enemies, but rarely do we talk about how their actions are radicalizing us.
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 1:32 p.m.


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