24 januari 2006


The result of one day following the local media

- the unreported stories: the saga of the
Danish cartoons, the catch of a big Al Qaeda fish in India (the Indians are fighting their own WOT, did you know), the pope who is saying that Islam is uncapable of reform and George Galloway in tights (I deny any responsibility for any ensuing psychological damage).

- underreported stories: the elimination of 5 important leaders of Al Qaeda in Pakistan, including the manager of its WMD-operation

- the misrepresented stories: the eavesdropping scandals (it only concerns cross-border calls, not all calls), the new Canadian prime minister (he is pro-market, pro-US, pro-armed forces and anti-Kyoto, he is ruining the tolerant image of his country: he is a mini-Bush, he is EVIL).
# posted by Peter Fleming @ 10:16 p.m.


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